Winter Festival Contribution Ideas

It’s time to start thinking  about what you and your family want to contribute to the Winter Festival…

• Invent a month club!
• Homemade Salsa
• Craft your own home brew
• Plan a picnic for kids or adults
• Cater a dinner party for a group in their home
• Host a sleepover for 2-4 kids
• Guide a mountain bike ride or hike in the mountains
• Time at your personal vacation home
• Tickets from your season pass to a sporting event
• Knit or crochet hats, blankets, mittens, scarves, sweaters
• Hand sewn children’s clothing or costumes
• Quilts or doll items
• Embroidered towels or dishtowels
• Handmade Jewelry
• Painting or Photography
• Hand painted furniture
• Handyman for a day
• Pottery
• Bronze work & Ceramics

Group experiences

Group Farm Dinner*
Group Yoga class*
Themed parties (80s, salsa, etc.)*
Group Dance Classes*
Bike Tours*
Banjo Billy Tour*
Dinner Theater
Warren Miller tickets
International Film Fest tickets
Adventure Film Fest tickets
Outdoor Cinema package (tickets and picnic dinner)
Ice Rink passes with skate rental
weekend cottage rental at Chautauqua
Boulder Res party*
Wine Tasting party*
Brewery Tours*
Cooking Classes*
Ski packages
crafting classes*

Business Donation Ideas

• hotels
• salons
• manicures
•  breweries
•  liquor stores
•  theatre/shows
•  museums
•  ski tickets
•  car washes
•  bagel & coffee shops
•  cinema
•  boutiques
•  yoga
•  climbing gyms
•  frozen yogurt bars
•  clothing stores
•  coffee shops
•  restaurants
•  craft stores
•  art studios
•  lesson studios
•  book stores
•  pet stores
•  summer camps
•  bike shops
•  massage therapists
•  gyms
•  bakeries
•  local farms

Anyplace you LOVE that you want to share with our community!