ED Council Contacts

ED Council is the collaborative body of teachers and parents working together.

ED Council Classroom Representatives: Your ED Council Rep will communicate with you about important issues that arise at the school. They attend monthly ED Council Meetings with other parents, teachers, and our principal to discuss important issues at the school and are a part of making decisions in terms of the direction the school is taking.

View ED Council Minutes and Budget.

Send an email to the ED Council Parent Co-Chair: bcsisedcouncil@gmail.com

BCSIS Educational Decision Council
Members and Representatives:

*Starred positions are voting positions.

Co-Chair* Meaghan Lamond Teacher meaghan.lamond@bvsd.org
Co-Chair* Lisa Galey Parent lgaley55@gmail.com
Secretary* Kim Golden Parent kimgolden108@gmail.com
Co-Treasurer* Josiah Strauss Parent josiah.strauss@outlook.com
Co-Treasurer* Jennifer Pillari  Parent acupillari@gmail.com
Classified Rep* Andrea Tropf Staff andrea.tropf@bvsd.org
Specialist* Brooke Graham, Sara Benson and Erica Joos Teacher brooke.graham@bvsd.org
K-2 Rep* Diane Furuya Teacher diane.furuya@bvsd.org
3-5 Rep* Karen Halverson Teacher karen.halverson@bvsd.org
DAC Rep Bill Bonk Parent william.bonk@colorado.edu
DPC Rep Kristen Daly Parent kristenmartindaly@gmail.com
Co-DPC Rep TBD Parent
PEN Rep, Coffee Talks Jill Iwaskow Parent jiwaskow@gmail.com
Co-PEN Rep TBD Parent jiwaskow@gmail.com
Volunteer Liaison Teresa Girotto Parent teresakat@yahoo.com
Fundraising Coordinator Lisa Galey Parent lgaley55@gmail.com
Community Growth Campaign Co-Coordinator Sabina Mackay Parent sabinabailey@earthlink.net
Community Growth Campaign Co-Coordinator Steph Adamson Parent stephca@me.com
Dining Community Outreach Amy Scheff Parent amy.scheff@yahoo.com
Dining Community Outreach Jill Iwaskow Parent jiwaskow@gmail.com
Winter Festival Co-Chair Micha Bailey Parent just4Micha@hotmail.com
Winter Festival Co-Chair Emily Horowitz Parent emilyhorowitz@hotmail.com
Website/Graphics Kendall Laird Parent lairdkendall@gmail.com
Graphic Design Joanne Bell Parent joanneczarbell@gmail.com
Grocery Cards Parent
Garden-To-Table Jeanmarie Redente Parent jeaniemarinie@gmail.com
Garden-To-Table Rebecca Welsh Parent rebajean28@hotmail.com
Communication Julie Rhoda DaGiau Parent julie@dagiauconsulting.com
Communication, Email Lists William Bonk Parent bonk@colorado.edu
Open Enrollment Jennifer Stuckey Parent jennifer.stuckey.js@gmail.com
Grandparent Letter Parent
Arts Committee Parent
New Parent Outreach Dani Rosenthal Parent dani@lfojr.com
Community Building Committee Jessica Levy Parent jamlevy@mac.com
K am rep Kiley Class rep Micha Bailey Parent just4Micha@hotmail.com
K pm rep Batya Class rep Emily Horowitz Parent emilyhorowitz@hotmail.com
Jen 1st grade Class rep Jen Wert Parent jenniferwert@gmail.com
Diane 1st grade Class rep Christina Carlson and Renee Golobic Parent cmwcarlson@gmail.com
Emily 2nd grade Class rep Rebecca Welsh and Sarah Goran Parent rebajean28@hotmail.com
Suzanne 2nd grade Class rep Parent
Meaghan 3rd grade Class rep Ella Schmidt Parent bobnella@mac.com
Erin 3rd grade Class rep Kim Golden Parent kimgolden108@gmail.com
Kimberly 4th grade Class rep Parent
Karen 4th grade Class rep Jennifer Stuckey Parent jennifer.stuckey.js@gmail.com
Terry 5th grade Class rep Steph Adamson Parent stephca@me.com
Sabine 5th grade Class rep Laurie Hollett and Rebecca Welsh Parent lhollett2002@yahoo.com