Coffee Talk: The Zen of Trip Tracker


Tuesday, October 20th, 2015 PEN Coffee Talk for BCSIS and High Peaks

Join us Tuesday, October 20th for “The Zen of Trip Tracker” PEN Coffee Talk

BCSIS parent and Trip Tracker Guru, David Adamson, will explore how, with little effort and time, your family can make easy money to spend at local shops, get exercise, improve health, help the environment, have family bonding, and teach your children valuable lessons…all just by participating as much or as little as you can in Trip Tracker!

Many people don’t realize the easy ways to participate and we’ll go over that in an open discussion.  For example, even if you live far away, parking just a few blocks from the school counts!

If you’re already doing Trip Tracker, there is always something to learn (did you know after-school and carpools count?) or just come and catch up with other parents, and have free coffee and yummy snacks at this informal chat.  

This is also a wonderful opportunity to meet and catch up with other families in our community! 

When/Where: October 20th, after drop off at 8:25 in the library. 

 – BCSIS Ed Council and Parent Engagement Network (PEN) 

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