Lantern Walk – November 3


Lantern Walk: November 3, 6:00 to 7:00 pm

For BCSIS KG–3rd grade students, our annual Lantern Walk is Thursday, November  3rd, 6 to 7 pm. It’s very important for all families to arrive on time. The beginning story (in the Cafeteria) starts promptly at 6. Dress warmly for the walk (gloves, hat, and warm coat may be needed). Being comfortable makes it always more fun.

The Lantern Walk is one of our Festivals. The purpose of our Festivals is very different from the community social events we have at other times of the year. The Festivals are an extension of our curriculum, an opportunity for the children to have a creative, experiential connection with the outdoors.

In order to focus on the wonder and beauty of nature and light, after the story and children go as a group to their classrooms to get their lanterns, the children and parents will walk around the field in silence with their candles. Then we will gather together in the middle of the field, making a large circle. Erica will then lead our community in singing lantern songs (check this out…our blog has them with our own Batya singing!) Finishing together in a circle, Erica having led us in song, parents are asked to quietly return with their child, lantern in tow, to cars/homes, respecting the stillness and remembering the final words of the Lantern Walk story:

“Tonight as we silently carry our lighted lanterns out into the night, may our magical, twinkling procession symbolize carrying our inner light of love and kindness out to warm and illuminate the world.”