First Friday with Jeff & Paige

Jeff & PaigeHowdy, BCSIS community! Jeff and Paige here. We’ll be performing a K-5 science and nature music assembly next Friday, March 6th and, since we know so many BCSIS students, we thought it might be fun to see if any of your kids might have a Jeff and Paige song request for the show! We’ll try to work in as many as possible. Anyone who’d like to submit a request can email the song title and requesting student’s name and grade to
Can’t wait!

Lantern Walk

With the coming of the darkness we need to carry the light of our kindness out into the world.

The purpose of our Festivals is very different from the community social events we have at other times of the year. The Festivals are an extension of our curriculum, an opportunity for the children to have a creative, experiential connection with the outdoors…

5:30 Families meet in the cafeteria.


We will start with a story. Children and parents then go to their classrooms to gather lanterns and form lines. Following the classroom teacher, we will “parade” to the open field.

In order to focus on the wonder and beauty of nature and light, the children and parents will walk in silence with their candles around the field. Then we will gather together in the middle of the field.

After walking in silence around the field, we will make a circle and Jan will lead our community in singing lantern songs. Finishing together in a circle, Jan having led us in song, parents are asked to quietly return with their child, lantern in tow, to cars/homes respecting the stillness and symbolically carrying our individual lights out into the world…

Hints to make the evening magical: We ask that you respect the reverence of the lantern walk by refraining from conversation with other parents. Please attend to your child the entire time, in terms of knowing where they are, for safety. Remember to turn off cell phones once in the cafeteria.

Dress VERY WARMLY, in gloves, hat and warm coat. It will be cold… but worth it! If we are comfortable it will be more fun. There will be no food or drink so please remember to eat/drink beforehand.

If you bring other younger or older siblings, please keep your whole family together and participating fully in the festival.

We encourage you to join in fully when we sing our lantern songs!!

Please remember to hold the reverence of the evening by departing in silence after the singing is completed.

Click here to listen to the lantern walk songs. (scroll down)

Back to School Night-Sept 9th

BacktoSchoolNight-damcoolgraphicsBack to School Night is an important event for all parents to attend. The teachers will be sharing essential information about the classrooms and your child’s school year. Its a wonderful time to get to know your child’s teacher and understand more about your child’s educational experience for the year.

This year the structure of Back to School Night will change a little. Here is the schedule:

Tuesday, September 9, 2014 from 4:45 to 7:30
Round one: Kinder AM, 1st, 2nd
4:45-5:45 Class Meeting
5:45-6:15 All School Talk
6:15-6:45 School Fair (cafeteria)

Round two: Kinder PM, 3rd, 4th, 5th
5:15-5:45 School Fair (cafeteria)
5:45-6:15 All School Talk
6:15-7:15  Class Meeting

In addition to the classroom meetings, it is essential that all parents visit the cafeteria for whole-school, community information and forms. Snacks and drinks will be included.

The cafeteria will be open with tables, forms, information, and treats available from 5:15 to 7:30.

Childcare will be available from 4:30 to 7:30. It is an adults-only event, however, if you need childcare you can bring your child for the 90 minute period you are at school (or longer if you are attending multiple classroom meetings). Please call Kael ahead of time to reserve a spot for childcare at 720-561-6504.