BCSIS Show & Tell

October 12, 2012 @ 6:00 am – 7:30 am
Kael Davis
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BCSIS Show and Tell Night!

This is a night that is not to be missed! A special evening during which parents and teachers come together in the spirit of community and sharing, while children participate in a truly unique experience!

Join the teaching community for an evening that paints a picture of the philosophy and learning strategies that are behind the projects our children take part in at school.

Teachers and specialists share the amazing and beautiful curriculum from their classrooms – an intimate reminder of what makes BCSIS such an extraordinary school.

It’s a rich night focused on hearing directly from the teachers, seeing what is happening at each grade level, while gaining insights into arts integration in action and a richer understanding of how the curriculum at BCSIS is woven across the grades in such an intentional manner.

What about our children?
While parents and teachers share time together, BCSIS students have a fabulous opportunity to interact directly with visionary circus artist, Sven Jorgenson.

Who is Sven Jorgenson? Sven is a world-class circus artist. He has visited BCSIS before, sharing his artistry of juggling and exhibiting concepts of balance and motion in a very unique fashion.

Sven is a huge supporter of BCSIS and, together with some helpers, will come to play with our children this same evening. His time with our children will start with an amazing and interactive circus juggling and balancing show, followed by our children actively participating in juggling, Chinese yoyos, balancing and more!

To learn more about Sven, please take the time to visit his website – it is extraordinary! http://www.svenjorgensen.com

Please note: The circus show is for children six and older.
Children ages 3-5 are welcome to share a fun evening of supervised play in the kindergarten classroom.

RSVP TODAY: Please RSVP for your child(ren) to Kael by October 5, 2012. Please include your child(ren)’s name(s) and age(s).

Do not miss this truly fabulous evening for all!
We look forward to see you there,
The ED Council Team