Ways to Donate/Fundraising

Fundraising and Finances: The exceptional, professional-quality art supplies, the integrated-arts curriculum, and the use of natural materials in classroom equipment and supplies are part of what make our school and class environment unique. To meet these costs, we must provide funds beyond those provided by BVSD.

Our school’s fundraising organization, Friends of BCSIS, is a volunteer parent group that raises approximately $100,000 each year to provide these materials to our school, faculty, and all the children. Of these funds:

  • 36% goes to supplement Para and classroom enrichment (including TAG)
  • 33% goes directly to the classroom teachers as allotments to cover supplies and materials beyond what is covered by the materials fee
  • 14% covers the costs of school-wide Community Building events
  • 3% is earmarked for teacher professional development
  • 3% goes to the Artist-in-Residence and First Friday programs
  • 5% is reserved for a Special Opportunities Fund
  • 4% covers fundraising expenses
  • 2% covers administrative costs

Friends of BCSIS strives to uphold our community’s values as we raise funds, and we also have a lot of fun – come join us and see!


Community Growth Campaign: The Community Growth Campaign Donation by parents is the primary way BCSIS raises funds to support our school. Every family is asked to donate $325 per child per year. If your family is able to donate more than this amount, your money will help sponsor another family. Families with less financial means are asked to donate whatever they can! The donation can be split into monthly or semester payments by making confidential arrangements with the Treasurer. Since Friends of BCSIS has IRS 501c3 status, all monetary donations are tax deductible.

Winter Festival and Talent Show: To raise the balance of funds needed for the school, and to bring everyone together for fun and fellowship, the Friends of BCSIS holds one primary fundraising event, the Winter Festival, which includes a school talent show. Encouraging friends and neighbors to participate in events is a great way to introduce our school to the greater community. Please see the school calendar for more information about dates and times. We count on donations from families and the community. Download the Winter Festival donation form here.

Grocery Cards and Boosting Your Shopping Dollars: When you shop at King Soopers, Amazon, Alfalfa’s, Lucky’s Market, or Grand Rabbits Toy Shoppe you can earn money for BCSIS. Learn more.