Grocery Cards

The grocery card program is a great, no-cost way to help our school earn money. Did you know that if 150 families at our school spent $250 with their grocery card each month, our school would earn $22,500 in one year? Think gas, stamps, prescriptions, & of course groceries. Get started now!

BCSIS receives 5-7% back when you put money on your BCSIS issued grocery Card. The gift cards are reloadable and can be used by you, your partner, your parents, your friends, etc.

This is an on-going fundraiser. You can join at any time. You can load your card at your grocery store using cash, check or charge. It is a great source of income that our school has incorporated into our annual budget.

Your card is just like cash, so please don’t lose it.

King Sooper’s
5% of the amount you load onto your Alfalfa’s card will be donated directly back to BCSIS. Your card has a 5 cent opening balance.

5% of the amount you load onto your Alfalfa’s card will be donated directly back to BCSIS. You can reload your card with any amount (using your credit card, check or cash), at the grocery register before you unload your groceries.

Order a scan card by filling out this form – or Andrea has forms at her desk already. The forms will be picked up on Thursday of each week to send to our Alfalfa’s contact person. Note – the cards take about a week after submitting the forms. You must present your Alfalfa’s School Rebate Card to the cashier before you complete checking out for the cash back to be applied to our school.

If you have additional questions please contact: Laima Haley or Linn Wilder.

Thank you for supporting BCSIS through the Lucky’s Reloadable Card. Every time you load your card, 7% will go back to BCSIS with no cost to you. Your card has no opening balance (so there’s no need to worry about paying anyone the opening balance).

You can use your card at:

  • Boulder Lucky’s 3990 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304
  • Luckys Bakehouse and Creamery (Hours: 7am – 6pm, Seven Days a Week)
  • Lucky’s Cafe in Boulder
  • Lucky’s Market and Liquor in Longmont

For FAQ’s on the Grocery Card program click here.

If you would like a card, please contact: Laima Haley or Linn Wilder.