Grocery Cards

Q. How do I use my grocery card?

A. For King Soopers and Amazon Smile, you will need to select Friends of BCSIS in your online account to designate the non-profit for the donation. Alfalfa’s and Lucky’s Market cards will need to be loaded prior to use. You can load the card at the register or at the customer service desk with any amount up to $500. The card can then be used like a gift card. The funds will be deducted from your card with every transaction and your balance will be printed on the bottom of your receipt. You can reload your card as often as you wish.

Q. Do I have to go to the customer service desk every time I load my card?

A. No. Alfalfa’s and Lucky’s Market cards can be loaded at customer service or at the register before you check out. You must ask the cashier before they begin scanning items. Then it’s simple. Add funds to the card. Then check out and pay with those added funds. Loading your card only adds seconds onto your transaction. But you cannot let your card carry a zero balance for over 90 days or the 5% no longer goes to BCSIS. So if in doubt just go to customer service and ask if it is still a valid card. If not, we can help you sign up for a new card.

Q. Is my King Soopers card only accepted at our neighborhood King Soopers store?

A. No. All King Soopers, City Markets and Kroger-affiliated stores across the U.S. will accept this card! On the back of the card, in fine print, is a full list of participating stores. Throughout the school year and over the summer, you can take your card with you and use it all over the country. You can send a card to Michigan for grandma to use at Kroger, and your cousin in Seattle can use one to shop at Fred Meyer. It is an easy way to get your friends and relatives to earn money for BCSIS! Unfortunately, King Soopers gas station purchases are not included in the program. 

Q. Can I get a card while I’m at the grocery store?

A. Not exactly. You can pick up a King Soopers card at the store and then go online to link Friends of BCSIS to your card to begin donating. For Alfalfa’s, you will need to fill out a form (available at the customer service desk) or ask us for a form and we will work with the store to set up your card. Lucky’s requires a $5 charge for the card and that total will be loaded on the card for your initial use. Please contact Christina Carlson for assistance. 

Q. Am I making the donation to the school, or is the grocery store?

A. The grocery stores make a donation to BCSIS based on the purchases you make. For anyone who already shops, this program is a great way to help financially support the school without making additional donations. 

Q. Do I still get King Soopers loyalty points if I use my reloadable card?

A. Yes, loyalty points with King Soopers are connected with your frequent shopper card. Just show your card while you check out like you always do and you will continue to accumulate King Soopers frequent shopper points.

Q. Can I use my credit card to reload the grocery card? I like to earn reward points while shopping with my credit card.

A. Yes, you can use your preferred credit card to reload your grocery card and continue to earn frequent flyer miles or reward points, while at the same time earning cash back for BCSIS.

Q. I went to reload my card at the store and they told me it had been deactivated… what’s the problem?

A. If a card has a zero balance for 90 days, it will become inactive. You will not be able to use the card. To start participating in the program again, you will need to get a new card.

Q. What if I lose my reloadable card and it has a balance on it? Have I just lost all that money?

A. No. Keep a record of your reloadable card number. If you lose your card, simply visit the Customer Service desk and they can transfer all the money on your reloadable card back to your credit card.

Q. Can other members of my family have a card too?

A. Yes, you can get as many cards as you want to give to your spouse/partner, grandparents, neighbors, etc. The more people participating in the program, the quicker those dollars add up.

If you have additional question, contact Christina Carlson.