Why Choose BCSIS?

Boulder Community School of Integrated Studies (BCSIS) is a holistic, arts-integrated school in which active involvement and academic excellence provide a foundation for learning and self-expression. BCSIS integrates several culture-building programs into our classroom routines which promote positive behaviors, independent decision-making, close and positive classroom environments, and effective problem-solving skills.

Our Vision

The Boulder Community School of Integrated Studies (BCSIS) provides a rich aesthetic environment in which artistic expression, active involvement, and academic excellence provide a foundation for the learning experience. A holistic approach addresses the head, heart, and hand of each child. Rhythm and sensitivity to unique developmental ages assure that students are held in a secure place where, through exposure to multicultural activities and creative projects, they emerge as self-defined, competent, and compassionate individuals.

Our Mission

The BCSIS approach is inspired by the work of several leading educators and a variety of methods, including:

  • Arts-integrated education
  • The multiple intelligences (Howard Gardner) and other applications of multi-dimensional whole brain/body learning
  • Waldorf schooling (Rudolf Steiner)
  • The student-initiated project-learning approach of integrated day programs
  • An understanding of diversity and multiculturalism
  • The skill-building techniques of traditional Western education

Why choose BCSIS?

  • A strong, multi-cultural curriculum creates many learning dimensions that allow our students to find their interests and strengths.
  • Our unique learning approach includes a “looping” model. Students remain with the same teacher and peer group for two year periods: kindergarten to first; second to third; and fourth to fifth. This model allows for deeper community-building and relationships to develop over a longer period of time.
  • Our teachers value their own growth and professional development.
  • We are recognized as a school of excellence by the Colorado Alliance for the Arts in Education, and a recipient of the John Irvin Award for Excellence.
  • Learn more about our Art and Music Program.
  • Our school is inspired by The Multiple Intelligences of Howard Gardner, aspects of Waldorf Education, Arts Integration, Integrated Day, as well as the skill-building techniques of traditional western education and the Content Standards developed by the State of Colorado.
  • A full English as a Second Language academic program.
  • Our students experience academic rigor through the implementation of Multiple Intelligences and Arts Integration.